Winter Workout Blues

Winter Workout Blues

I have longed enjoyed waking up in the morning and breaking a sweat before heading to work. In fact, during my dietetic internship program, I would eagerly rise between 4 and 4:30 am to squeeze in a workout before beginning a day of clinical rotations, a two-hour drive away. 

I know…crazy…but I can’t seem to fully wake up until I get that blood pumping. 

As of late, however, finding the balance between work and a workout has been a struggle. Come on San Francisco, what’s with all this rain? Not only are you giving me that dark-until-7:30 am-winter vibe, but you’re also raining on my parade. Don’t you feel bad for my dog missing out on our morning runs (talk about winter weight….)!?

My alarm goes off, I look at the weather app on my phone, and hit snooze. Where once I could be out of the door in minutes hitting the gym or the sidewalk, I now find my routine delayed. A second alarm sounds and I finally rise to the occasion, grab a banana, and sprint to the gym to focus on cardio and strength. I often avoid the treadmill because I find it so boring. I lucked out with the weather this morning and navigated a five-mile run with Nixon.   So, yes, I was about an hour behind schedule but I had felt bad for my canine pal. 

I feel like this winter is picking away at my motivation more than normal, or maybe I say that every winter…

What do you usually do to get yourselves up and outside, even during the winter?