About Me

Figuring out how to treat my body, from what I put in it, how I exercise it, and even how I dress it, has not always come easy (and it still doesn’t always).  

With all the media attention, blogs, news articles, and even Instagram posts – most with conflicting advice...

how can anyone know what’s right? 

At Feed the Dietitian, my job is to gather all the information out there, toss out the stuff that’s not real, keep the stuff that is, and give it back to you in simple, actionable advice. This site is your one-stop-shop for all things health, wellness, and adventure… all while staying just a touch stylish.


One day my (genius) dad approached me and said, “Honey, why don’t you go to school and study nutrition?” It had never occurred to me that was even a possibility! Soon after I transferred to UC Davis, completed my B.S. in Clinical Nutrition, and got accepted into a dietetic internship in Portland, Oregon*. The coursework was challenging and inspiring. It was everything I needed, and now look at me – I am a fully credentialed Registered Dietitian. Not just an RD who went down this path because I thought I should, but one who changed everything to follow something I am truly passionate about. 

*Side note: I am making that whole process seem a lot quicker and a lot easier than it actually was. 


Today I live in foggy, beautiful San Francisco with my dog and boyfriend. Each and every day I practice what I preach. I believe in the same therapies I teach my clients. I know from experience that change is hard, that change doesn’t happen quickly, and that change takes practice and patience.




My journey into the world of nutrition was slightly unconventional; it took some time, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without every step I took along the way. 

It all began with this California girl heading to the East Coast to study fashion design and merchandising. I was going to class full-time, working at a boutique part-time, and interning for a fashion label with the few hours in the day I had left.  

With so many things on my plate and no time for self-care, my energy started to decline. My appetite was like a roller coaster, and most mornings I woke up feeling like I could sleep for an entire week. This went on for months, until I finally realized it was time to leave school and move home. I loved fashion (and today still want to add my flair to every piece workout clothing on the market), but I ultimately realized it wasn’t the right career for me. 

I moved back to California and for the first time had my own kitchen and fridge to stock. I taught myself how to navigate a grocery store, follow recipes, and prep food for the week. I also decided to join a gym, and it took very little time for my love of running to transpire. My days were quickly consumed with sessions in the gym, running outdoors, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. 


I want to create a comfortable, inspiring place to go for my client – a community of like-minded individuals. Whether that is simple go-to recipes, quick workout tips, or a customized wellness package, I’m your go-to, real-life dietitian.



People at my office always ask me why I carry so much to work. I try and commute on my bike some days (you can thank my triathlete boyfriend for getting me into such a dangerous hobby), but half the time I have so much crap with me that I just can’t. But hey, I work two jobs, I have a full-grown 65-pound dog who requires all my attention, and a boyfriend and friends I like to see as often as I can. 


Let’s dump out these contents and check it out:

  • Dyson Blow Dryer
  • Sweat Cosmetics 
  • Makeup Bag
  • Workout Clothes 
  • Nike Trainers
  • Garmin watch 
  • Headphones 
  • Empty Tupperware